Antares Launches Auto-Tune Producer

US Vocal production tools for the home studio      14/12/22

Antares Audio Technologies has releases Auto-Tune Producer, which they describe as a curated selection of vocal production tools, content, and tutorials designed specifically for the home studio producer or vocalist.

Steve Berkley, CEO of Antares Audio Technologies, told us, "Auto-Tune Producer is the perfect solution for anyone creating in a home studio. As we have seen, some of today's biggest hits are being made in home studios. These personal creative spaces allow artists to produce without the expense of larger recording facilities--and without sacrificing quality. Whether you are producing music or laying down vocal tracks for your latest song, Auto-Tune Producer gives you the precision creative tools you need to produce professional and modern-sounding vocals wherever you call your studio."

Here's more details direct from Antares...

With Auto-Tune Producer, anyone can turn a home studio into a hit factory by using many of the same vocal production tools the world's leading producers rely on in professional studios. Start producing music quickly with innovative creative effects, advanced tools for manipulating and composing music with vocal samples, and the authentic Auto-Tune pitch correction technology.

Simple enough to make exploring music production fun but advanced enough to produce professional music, Auto-Tune Producer is pure vocal creativity for the home studio.

Pricing and Availability:
For a limited time, Auto-Tune Producer is available for a special introductory price of $13.99 a month or just $99 a year (only $8.25 a month with paid annual subscription). A free 14-day trial is available to everyone, regardless of previous trials or subscriptions.

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