Buchla & Tiptop Audio News

US An update on what's happening with the Eurorack 200 series modules      22/02/23

Buchla & Tiptop Audio News

Buchla and Tiptop Audio has been in touch to tell us that 2023 is going to be interesting as they have plenty of things going on. Here is the mega update in their own words...

The 200t project moves forward full steam and we want to thank you for your support in 2022. We look forward to announcing later this year more of Don's Buchla 200 series modules that are currently in development.

Up first is a new batch of 258t, 245t, 257t and 281t. These are going through final assembly steps and we expect to start shipping them to the shops very soon. We will start with the 258t, 245t and 257t this week, followed by the 281t toward mid/late March. As always, we are letting the shops know the quantity they will be getting so they can open up for additional pre-orders.

The electronic parts shortages haven't eased yet and we are still experiencing limited supplies. Some of you folks have waited a long time for your order and these coming batches should be able to cover a good number of the back orders placed with the shops.

Model 292t Quad Lopass Gate has moved to production status and we hope to get it released in March. To our EU/UK users, as you may already know, products with Vactrols, an electronic part used in the 292, are no longer allowed in the EU/UK markets and so our dealers in those regions will not be able to carry the 292t with Vactrols. This unfortunately hurts the distribution of many classic audio products like compressors, phasers etc and applies to the low pass gates too. We tried hard to find a solution, but it just didn't work out. However, we are optimistic about a modified version tailored for the EU/UK market which is currently in development and are looking forward to releasing when it is ready later this year.

Other shops around the world should be getting their first batch of Vactrol 292t in March. We will let you know when pre-orders open up and the price is $350.

Speaking of 292t, our alpha-tester Konstantin made a cool video using his 292t prototype and the new True Stereo and FSU cards we recently released for the Z-DSP to make a song.

Model 266t Source Of Uncertainty: We are running low on these and started sourcing parts for another batch. This complex module consumes a great deal of components, and hopefully we can make more toward the end of the year if we get lucky. So if you are on a hunt for one we recommend you get it now before they are gone.

New Stackcables: For years users asked for a one color all length Stackcables. We are happy to announce the white Stackcables 5-pack for $30. They blend really well with both all black systems and the 200t system, and we hope you will enjoy patching with them like we do. These will be available at the shops very soon.

Also on the Tiptop Audio side a new family of modules has been quietly developed and tested in-house. This new line extends the capabilities of Eurorack with respect to tuning, flexibility, integration with DAW and sequencers and, yes, even polyphony (finally!). We will have much more information in the coming months and plan to demo at the fast approaching Superbooth in May.

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