New Simmons Electronic Drum Kits

US Titan 50 and Titan 20 kits are now available      19/12/22

Simmons has recently introduced the Titan 50 and Titan 20 electronic drum kits, which they say bring the brand's powerful legacy to a new generation of players. This is what they have to say about them...

Both of these kits are highly affordable, offering expansive feature sets and versatility, and they are equally at home as quiet practice tools or as part of a stage or studio performance setup. Representing an evolution and rethink of what an electronic kit can offer drummers, these kits deliver realistic acoustic and electronic drum/percussion sounds, all with the feel of an acoustic drum set, with mesh pads that respond just like conventional drum heads, a rectangular rack and clamp system that keeps the pads securely in the selected position, and a bevy of practice tools and connectivity options (Bluetooth, USB, MIDI).
Simmons Titan 50:
The Simmons Titan 50 electronic drum kit delivers the feel, size and sound of real drums, making it perfect for all range of players, from beginners to pros. Its large and responsive 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare features a low-rim profile combined with high-speed triggering to provide enhanced playability and accurate rimshot detection. The kit also comes with three 8-inch mesh toms and three responsive 10-inch cymbals--hi-hat, ride and crash with choke. A 6-inch kick pad connects to the included kick pedal, or players can use their own, including double-kick pedals. The full-sized 4-post rack is extra sturdy with steel construction, rectangular profile and adjustable mounts to keep all the parts locked in place. The rack is designed to be expandable with an adjustable length side rail so users can add another tom and cymbal.
The Titan 50 also includes an all-new library of drum kits, recorded at a major studio with sounds based on top-selling albums, including full-length toms and crashes with stereo room ambience, along with advanced V.A.R. (Variable Attack Response) technology providing expressive dynamics and realistic performance. Featuring 187 drum sounds, 25 factory preset kits and 10 user drum kits along with three preset and seven user songs, the Titan 50 also allows players to easily replace the factory sounds with custom sets from the Simmons Signature sound library, including from the downloadable Titan 50 Sound Packs. Bluetooth MIDI control allows editing the module using Simmons app and working with compatible music/drum apps, and Bluetooth Audio allows you to play along with videos and music. Easy-to-use sound editing, play-along and practice tools are also included. An optional expansion pack adds another crash and 8-inch tom.
Simmons Titan 20:
The Simmons Titan 20 offers many of the same features as the Titan 50 in an even more affordable package. The Titan 20's components are similar, but with an 8-inch dual-zone snare with rimshot detection, instead of the Titan 50's 10-inch snare, as well as different kick and hi-hat pedal constructions. Featuring 103 drum sounds, 10 factory preset kits and one user kit, three preset songs and one user song, the Titan 20 is perfect for beginners and students. Simmons product manager Jeff Laity notes, "With the Titan 20, you still get the mesh pads, a hex rack that holds the pads without any slipping, the Simmons app and all of the connectivity. You get basically the same drum sounds in the Titan 20 as you do on the Titan 50, but the presets in the Titan 20 are mono instead of stereo, there are less of them available and the editing is far more comprehensive on the Titan 50. In addition, the kick pad on the Titan 20 is an all-in-one unit, whereas on the Titan 50, it's a tower with a real beater pedal that you can swap out for your own pedal, or even add a double kick pedal."

Pricing and Availability:

Simmons Titan 50 U.S. list price: $449.00 (currently available at a sale price of $379.00*)

Simmons Titan 20 U.S. list price: $329.99 (currently available at a sale price of $299.99*)

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