Sampling And Editing For Simmons SD2000

Simmons Advanced App for iOS adds new capabilities to their mesh-head drum set      10/01/18

Sampling And Editing For Simmons SD2000

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Simmons Drums says that, with the new Simmons Advanced App, you can have unprecedented editing control and easy yet powerful sampling capabilities for the SD2000 mesh-head drum set. They tell us that you can now have access to a virtually limitless array of sounds by adding your own "real world" samples using your iPad or iPhone. Here's the story in their own words...

When Simmons unveiled the SD2000 Mesh-Head Electronic Drum Kit, the expressive new instrument was hailed as a breakthrough, thanks to its new tension-able SimHex® mesh pads, outstanding playability, on-the-fly control, palette of unique signature sounds, and wealth of sound design features.

With the release of its new Advanced App for iPhone and iPad, Simmons has unlocked the full potential of the SD2000, providing faster, easier, and more in-depth editing of the sound module's parameters. The Advanced App also enables recording samples and uploading them to a computer and to the SD2000 sound module. Now you can record any sound your microphone can capture, anywhere you go, on your computer or iOS device, and play it with your SD2000 kit.

The SD2000 sound module features a built-in performance mixer that allows players to control volume, EQ, and pitch, as well as to shape and apply filters on the fly. All of these features can be edited with Advanced App. Record samples, normalize, and trim to just the right length. Then send the edited sample to your computer for additional shaping or simply upload one sound or an entire set to the sound module. If you didn't quite record it right the first time, re-record with one touch. Set panning, high and low gain levels, effects send level, and filter shape for each drum and cymbal in any kit. Control tempo for play-along tracks. Quickly and easily manage your sound library. It's all fast and easy with the Advanced App's user-friendly graphic interface.

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Simmons Advanced App for iPhone and iPad is now available free at the Apple App Store.

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