Korg Volca FM2 Editor/Librarian

US Now available in the Patch Base collection of patch editors for Mac and iPad      05/12/22

Korg Volca FM2 Editor/Librarian

Chadwick at Patch Base tells us that he has just added Volca FM 2 support to the collection of patch editors for Mac and iPad. He says that the new editor adds support to edit sequences on the Volca FM2, which no other editor supports as of yet. Here's more details in his own words...

The latest Patch Base releases (iPad version 3.26 and Mac version 1.20) include an editor/librarian for Korg's (fairly) new Volca FM2, the new version of the highly popular Volca FM, which as you might know is a sort of clone of the original Yamaha DX7.

And there's not too much new about the Volca FM2; it's the same voice architecture as the original, but you now get six voices (like the DX7) instead of three. There's also a built-in reverb now, and a MIDI Out port.

From the MIDI perspective though, there is a big difference with the new Volca FM2! Korg really fleshed out the MIDI implementation on this new synth, allowing for fetching of Voice patches and Sequence patches (including the internal memory banks). And that means that this new Volca FM2 editor in Patch Base gives you full access to detailed editing of internal sequences! Something that, as of this writing, I don't think you can get anywhere else.

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