Roland JP-8080 Patch Editor/Librarian

US Now available for the Patch Base App      16/08/22

Roland JP-8080 Patch Editor/Librarian

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The latest updates to Patch Base (iPad version 3.25 and Mac version 1.19) add an editor/librarian for the Roland JP-8080: a dual-timbral virtual analog desktop synth from the late 90's.

The JP-8080 can play 2 patches at the same time, each with its own 2 oscillators, multi-mode filter, envelopes for pitch, filter, and amp, 2 LFOs and effects. Also included is the Voice Modulator section which can turn the synth into a vocoder, or a filter bank processor for the patches or an external input. Each patch can have almost any of its parameters modulated by note velocity as well as external CC control (one CC control can map to all of the parameters). It also sports Motion Control, which can record parameter modulation over multiple bars, as well as a note pattern recorder. So, this synth is very much about modulation and loop creation.

There's a useful introduction to the workings of the editor on the Patch Base blog. But here's a summary direct from the developer...

The JP-8080 editor in Patch Base brings all the settings for a full JP-8080 Performance with its 2 Patches into a single editor. You can quickly see the overview of the settings for the Upper and Lower Patches as well as the Velocity and Control Morphing settings for every parameter.

The Upper and Lower tabs each show you a full patch on a single screen. Although the JP-8080 is wonderful for hands-on control, when you load a saved patch you don't really know what any of the settings are on the synth itself. Patch Base makes this easy. You can also copy and paste the Filter and Amp envelopes as well as Randomize or Initialize each individual patch. Individual patches can be saved and loaded, as well as entire Performances, all from one editor.

The Voice Mod tab shows you all of the Voice Mod settings in one place, making it easy to create your own custom patches without any menu diving.

The 2-Up tab shows the most important controls of the Upper and Lower patches side-by-side, for when you're creating Performances that use both patches on the same channel, and you want to compare settings between patches, or quickly copy/paste between patches.

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