Complete Professional Studio Monitor Solution

US Fluid Audio partners with Sonarworks for a new system      16/11/22

Complete Professional Studio Monitor Solution

Fluid Audio LLC has announced a partnership with Sonarworks to deliver a complete pro studio monitoring solution, built around its brand new Image 2 studio monitor and SoundID Reference. They say that the room calibration software will be integrated directly into Image 2 studio monitors, giving users the ability to create their own calibration profile for their monitor setups to remove unwanted coloration and experience the most accurate studio reference sound for any studio or home environment. Here's the details in their own words...

Fluid Audio Image 2

The Image 2 is dedicated to near-field and midfield use. Using the latest in DSP development and Class- D amplification Fluid Audio has pushed the limits of a studio monitor to achieve stunning results. The Image 2 delivers incredible imaging, frequency response, output, low distortion, and depth of field. With its unique look, compact size and performance that is hard to believe. The Image 2 is a 2-in-1 monitor, a full range mixing and mastering system that also offers a mixcube mode. Mixcube mode helps dial in low end and mids for a wide range of "bass challenged" devices. It also helps adjust the overall balance, depth, vocals, and nail the kick drum.

Sonarworks SoundID Reference

SoundID Reference delivers consistently accurate studio reference sound across all speakers and headphones, so you can mix with confidence and make music that sounds great everywhere. The software is now used in more than 100,000 studios globally, including many Grammy-Award-winning engineers recording A-list stars (like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Rihanna, Adele, Coldplay, and more).

In order to help as many people as possible experience this new technology, Fluid Audio and Sonarworks are happy to include an extended 60-day SoundID Reference trial for Image 2 customers. (Please note that a measurement microphone is required to perform the measurements necessary to create the calibration profile in SoundID Reference.)

Fluid Audio Image 2 In Depth

The Image 2 is a dedicated nearfield/midfield workhorse. Using the latest DSP and Class-D amplification, Fluid Audio has pushed the limits to create stunning results. The Image 2 delivers accurate imaging, extremely flat frequency response, and incredible bass extension with very low distortion.

The Image 2 is also a 2 in 1 monitor: A full range mixing and mastering system that can switch into a console "mixcube" at the press of a footswitch. Mixcube mode enables engineers to dial-in low end and midrange levels for even playback on many "bass challenged" devices. It further helps with the adjustment of vocals, nailing the kickdrums and overall balance.

It's future-ready USB port expands the Image 2's incredible functionality and provides the ability to upload and run exported room correction files natively at the monitor level.

The newly developed AMT tweeter delivers precise, detailed response, expansive headroom, and low distortion, while the aluminum cone mid-range driver utilizes a shorting ring within its motor structure to substantially reduce harmonic distortion. Focusing the magnetic flux and concentrating it within the voice coil gap reduces modulation movement of the voice coil which makes the variation of system inductances more linear as input current varies. The end result is accuracy so clean, mixing takes on a whole new flow.

The opposed, Dual 8" ultra-long-throw bass woofers are interlocked at their magnets from within, and add improved cabinet stability and provide extended bass response (+/- 4.6dB 28Hz-20kHz ; +/- 2.0dB 80Hz- 20kHz). Each bass driver is individually powered by the latest state of the art 225W Class-D amplifier.

Driving the entire system is the newly developed Class-D Quad amplifier. Spending the most development time on this important element, the Image 2 amp has extremely low self-noise, very low distortion, improved THD+N performance, improved IMD performance, and lower output impedance. The Image 2's sealed enclosure design provides a natural, 6db/oct roll off for a more controlled low frequency response. This translates into less likelihood of unwanted interaction with the room, which means these monitors are less sensitive to positioning.

Mixing or mastering on the Image 2 will deliver professional results that are more accurate, and more effortlessly achieved than ever before.

About Fluid Audio
Founded by speaker design veteran Kevin Zuccaro, Fluid Audio offers high quality speakers, interfaces and other audio production products. Fluid's team is made up of long-standing industry professionals (JBL, Cerwin Vega, Avid, M- Audio, Steinberg+) who bring our vast wealth of knowledge and field experience to all that we do - from product inception to delivery and everything in between. "To help creatives be more creative" is our mantra and surrounds each product we offer at Fluid Audio.

About Sonarworks
Sonarworks is an award-winning audio technology innovator delivering an individually perfected sound experience to every music creator and lover. Founded in 2012, over 100,000 pro recording studios rely on their tech, it is used by over 55 Grammy-Award winning engineers.

Pricing and Availability:

The Image 2 studio monitor will be available mid December, 2022, for 1999€ (US: $1899, GBP: £1699). Following the initial 60-day trial for Image 2 customers, SoundID Reference software is available for purchase at for $249. The bundle including both the SoundID Reference software and calibration microphone is available for $299.

*Price at the time of publishing.

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