Virsyn Tera Pro Gets Wavetable Synthesis

US WAVES module for Tera Pro is now available as an in-app purchase      31/10/22

Virsyn tells us that their new WAVES module adds classic Wavetable synthesis to the sound palette of the Tera Pro iOS synth. It's an optional module which you can purchase separately. This is what they have to say about it...

Wavetable synthesis is a sound design technique which uses morphing oscillator waves to create sounds. Wavetables can store a variable number (From 1 to 1024) of different frames/waves, allowing you to scroll through from one wave to the next, creating a new level of movement in your sound design. This movement can be stepwise as in the famous early PPG synths or smooth (using interpolation) and antialiased for a polished modern sound.

Tera Pro WAVES allows you to explore this entire range.

WAVES allows for different waveform frame sizes in the range of 128 up to 4096 samples per cycle and up to 1024 frames. More than a thousand public domain wavetables covering most areas are already included in WAVES, and more can be added by the user.

Pricing and Availability:
Available at the App Store.

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