Virsyn Releases BrainZ IAP For Tera Pro

US An adaption of Mutable Instruments Plaits Eurorack module      01/03/23

Virsyn Releases BrainZ IAP For Tera Pro

Virsyn has released the BrainZ module as an in-app purchase for Tera Pro. They say it is an adaption of the famous Plaits Eurorack module from Mutable Instruments with full integration into Tera Pro's modular system. Here's more details in their own words...

Extended to allow for fully polyphonic usage this module adds an amazingly versatile palette of 16 different sound generators for the creation of wild and unexpected timbres using grain oscillators, particle generators, drum models, speech generators and many other synthesis models.

The BrainZ synth models are tweaked by multi-functional Timbre, Harmonics, Frequency and Morph controls depending on the selected model. An integrated Low pass gate (LPG) adds west coast flavour to your sounds. BrainZ has an integrated oscillocope display to visualize and adjust waveforms exactly the way you want them to be. Having the outputs of BrainZ visualized with dancing waveforms is just fun!

Pricing and Availability:
BrainZ in-app-purchase for Tera Pro is available now for US$ 9.99 in the App Store

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