Modular Reverb & Delay Multi Effect

US Spectral Plugins releases Spacer      12/10/22

Spectral Plugins has announced the release of Spacer, a modular reverb and delay effect plugin.

A spokesperson told us, "Send your signal into orbit through three types of reverb – algorithmic, convolution and granular – and two delays – simple and granular – to create dreamlike overtones, shifting soundscapes or contemporary ambiences. Rearrange the modules into any signal flow you like, and tweak your sound with per module EQ, global chorus, haas stereo control and more."


  • Five re-orderable modules: Reverb, Convolution, Grain Reverb, Delay, Grain Delay, plus Utilities and multi-voice Chorus module
  • 150 global presets and 200 module presets
  • Two-band EQ per module
  • Granular engine with pitchshifting technology provided by Zynaptiq ZXT LE
  • Mix and Gain controls per module, plus global Input gain, Output gain and Mix controls
  • Chorus module with up to seven voices, LFO rate, Separation, Feedback and Spread controls
  • 110 impulse responses included, or load your own
  • 'Dimension Expander' chorus effect (Size and Mix)• Haas stereo effect with timing, channel and Mix
  • Saturation, Presence and Air controls
  • Age effect to introduce vintage styling
  • VST2, VST3, AU or AAX format. Apple Silicon M1/M2 version requires Rosetta


Pricing and Availability:
Intro price: $69

More information:


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