Lo-Fi Cassette Emulator

US Spectral Plugins launch OCS-45 Cassette Simulation      30/08/22

Spectral Plugins has announced the launch of their second plugin – OCS-45 Cassette Simulation - a lo-fi cassette emulator. They tell us that OCS-45 accurately models four classic cassette types. It also features five distortion types and wow and flutter, each with independent dry/wet controls. Additionally OCS-45 features four noise types, tape dropouts and more lo-fi sound design tools. Here's the details in their own words...

OCS-45 Cassette Simulation brings all of the lo-fi, vintage feel of cassette tapes to your sound. Get instant retro vibes by choosing from four authentic cassette types, each with its own distinct character, and add in all the charming imperfections of tape by combining pitch modulation, background noise and dropouts.

As well as being a cassette simulation plugin, OCS-45 is a rich distortion processing unit with five precisely programmed distortion types. And, with Dry/Wet and Bypass controls for each effects module, you're in full control, whether you want nostalgic cassette emulation or more creative effects combinations.


  • Four authentic Cassette Emulations...(Ferric, Chromium, Ferrichrome, Metal)
  • Quality, Dry/Wet and Mono settings for cassette types
  • Five precisely programmed distortion types...(Tube, Diode, Soft Clip. Saturation, Downsample)
  • Wow/Flutter module with Rate and Depth parameters controlling each effect
  • Four Noise models with adjustable level
  • Dropouts control running independently on input signal and (optionally) noise signal
  • Input/Output Gain panel with Global Dry/Wet control
  • Effects modules have Dry/Wet and Bypass controls
  • Dropouts can be applied to Noise signal as well as main signal•80+ factory presets for instant sounds
  • Higher Oversampling option, Dark Mode, choice of window size
  • Available as a VST2/VST3/AU/AAX plugin for Mac and PC. M1 Mac-compatible for VST/AU


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