Combined Stereo Chorus / Flanger

GB Xhun Audio releases ModFlorus for MacOS and Windows      20/09/22

Combined Stereo Chorus / Flanger

Xhun Audio describes ModFlorus as a versatile, combined stereo chorus / flanger processor unit, an essential tool to bring out space and width to any audio track or sound source. This is what they have say about it...

ModFlorus can operate in two modes - as a stereo chorus or stereo flanger effect - its knobs and parameters range will automatically adapt depending on the mode selected.

In addition to its modulated delay section, ModFlorus includes also an analogue modeled saturation circuit to push and emphasize its action - all within a clear, easy to use interface.


  •     Accurate physical modeling simulation achieved by the adoption of the Advanced Component Simulation (ACS) approach
  •     Full 64-bit processing accuracy for every single aspect of the simulation
  •     A multimode, combined hybrid digital-analogue stereo chorus / flanger processor unit
  •     Internal multimode mono / stereo signal routing
  •     Master output blending control
  •     Including a ready-to-use factory presets collection
  •     MIDI automation
  •     Support for sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz
  •     Available in multi-size GUI resolutions

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at  9.90 € (Regular price: 39.00 €)

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