Virsyn Releases Teraverse For iPad/iPhone

US Companion App for Tera Pro      09/08/22

Virsyn has released Teraverse for iPad/iPhone. A spokesperson had this to say about it...

"Explore the vast sound universe of Tera Pro sounds with this companion App. Have access to all sounds of Tera Pro and adapt them to your taste with a couple of parameters defining the primary attributes of its defining inner structure without being distracted from the complex modular polysynth beneath. Expand Tera Pro's sound universe with the unique morphing engine capable of extruding all subtleties in between two arbitrarily chosen sounds by using the modulation wheel or dragging your finger across the onscreen keyboard. Use the dice button to beam yourself into another part of the sound universe and enter territory no one else was there before."

Pricing and Availability:
£3.49 at the App Store.

More information:


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