SWAM Demystified

US Tutorial Series from Ask.Video explains Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling      03/08/22

SWAM Demystified

ILIO and Audio Modeling have announced the release of what they describe as the most comprehensive SWAM instrument course to date. They say that SWAM Demystified is a full-fledged, 23 video course produced by Ask.Video that is designed to take you from the very basics of SWAM instruments all the way to mind-blowingly realistic and incredibly human results.

During a limited-time promotion in August 2022, the new SWAM Demystified Tutorial Series from Ask.Video is free with any purchase of any SWAM Instrument Bundle from ILIO and its dealer network.

Here's more details direct from ILIO...

All of Audio Modeling's SWAM (Synchronous Waves Acoustic Modeling) Engine instruments allow you to control the expression of a virtual acoustic instrument. While a sample-based instrument relies on pre-recorded sounds, SWAM instruments are physically modeled to play just like a real instrument.

The instruments utilize an advanced physical modeling technology that allows (and actually requires) the performer to continuously input their musical expression via MIDI control into the SWAM instruments to be rewarded with human musical results.

In the new SWAM Demystified Tutorial Series from Ask.Video, Matt Vanacoro walks you through important techniques and processes that are necessary to make the SWAM instruments come alive. He even brings in live musicians who give nuanced performance notes needed to make the most of these plugin instruments.

About ILIO
Founded in 1994, ILIO is a leading distributor of virtual instruments and audio processing software for the Pro Audio and MI industries. They represent products used by hundreds of top-shelf recording artists, studio musicians, composers and producers. Their product line includes Spectrasonics, Vienna Symphonic Library, Synthogy, Applied Acoustics Systems, Overloud, Audio Modeling, PlugIn Guru, Delta Sound Labs and Hornberg Research.

About Audio Modeling
Italy based Audio Modeling is a global leader in multi-vector expressive acoustic instrument emulation with a primary focus on instruments that offer continuous input and control by the musician on several dimensions at the same time. Audio Modeling's purpose and research is aimed at finding solutions to enable the user to overcome the inherent limitations of traditional samplers, in addition to developing technological solutions, especially in software, that actively support musicians, composers, and producers in delivering their artistic expression.

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