Jason Miles Patches For The Sequential OB-6

US ILIO releases a new collection - Jason Miles 100 Ultimate OB-6 Patches      08/03/24

Jason Miles Patches For The Sequential OB-6

ILIO and Jason Miles have announced Jason Miles 100 Ultimate OB-6 Patches. ILIO says that Jason Miles has had an enviable career as a composer, record producer, and synthesizer programmer for dozens of music's superstars and now he has applied his hard-won talent, instincts, and love for Oberheim synthesizers to create this custom set of 100 original patches for the Sequential OB-6 hardware synthesizer.

The purchase of this collection also includes Jason Miles' autobiographical e-book The Extraordinary Journey of Jason Miles, with forward by Marcus Miller.

Here's the details direct from ILIO...

Modern Sounds with a Nod to the Past

While this patch collection exclusively for the Sequential OB-6 may evoke memories of the synthesizer's first Golden Age of the 1980s, with its assortment of pop and fusion lead, pad, pluck and bass sounds, they're also firmly rooted in the present. The Sequential OB-6 collab between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim is a modern marvel that still manages to evoke the nostalgic charm of Oberheim's classic 1980s synths. It's a perfect blend of contemporary synthesizer design and vintage soul, offering musicians a versatile tool that respects its roots. Jason Miles thoughtfully engineered each patch in this collection to cater to the modern sensibilities available in the OB-6, yet still echo the revered tones that shaped musical history.

In Jason's Words

"I have been using various Oberheim synthesizers since 1980, on a few hundred albums over the years. Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan and many others have on their albums Oberheim synthesizers, with patches designed by yours truly. The sound of that two pole filter just always lit me up and inspired me. Now 44 years later the sound still inspires me. I was excited when I heard the first OB-6, the now famous collaboration between Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim. I immediately got into it and started programming my own sounds. Given its popularity I thought now would be a good time for me to create a custom set of programs and release them to the public to show them how much I am inspired by this instrument.

I spent a lot of time meticulously programming these 100 sounds to make each one of them totally musical and usable in many different genres of music. The mod wheel and the EFX are employed on almost all of the patches. I've used the filter in many different ways, and know that each of the sounds can be used to create some true magic for you. I have had a lot of pride in my work over the years as a producer, keyboardist, and composer, but I still treasure all those years that I spent in the studio programming synthesizers, knowing the level that I had to achieve to make all of these albums special enough to sell in the millions. I've been just as excited to achieve this level of sound design all these years later. I feel that some of my best work is embodied in the sounds that I am now offering to you."

About the Sound Designer Jason Miles

Jason Miles is a renowned producer, keyboardist, composer, and synthesizer man, with multiple Grammy® Awards and nominations under his belt. With his wide range of talents he has contributed to the success of global stars such as Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Whitney Houston, David Sanborn, Grover Washington Jr, The Crusaders, and dozens of others. From Miles Davis's TuTu to Sting's Grammy winning "She Walks This Earth", Jason has used his deep creativity to serve some of the most extraordinary moments in music history. Today the musician lives in Portugal and continues his musical visions of producing, composing and performing bringing his distinct and creative vibe to Europe.

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