Jupiter-4 Emulation Updated

US Cherry Audio updates Mercury-4 and offers it at half-price      18/07/22

Cherry Audio says that, now updated to 1.50, Mercury-4 is a detailed emulation of one of the best-sounding synthesizers of the late 1970s. The company has made it available at a new low price of $29 (50% off list) for a limited time. Here's the details in their own words...

Mercury-4 lovingly recreates the classic Jupiter-4's bold and unusual analog oscillators, powerful dual filters, and overdriveable VCA section. Cherry Audio went to great lengths to perfectly replicate the unique arpeggiator section, heard on tons of classic New Wave tracks, as well as the original's massive unison modes. The renowned stereo BBD ensemble effect has been beautifully modeled, and Cherry Audio's other-worldly "Space Echo"-style tape echo with multiple reverb modes is included.

Mercury-4 has been updated to version 1.50 to include Cherry Audio's improved preset browser with its popular single-click favoriting system, and preset-level MIDI mappings are now supported. In addition, users may now import complete preset libraries via zip file with drag-and-drop. This 1.50 update is free to existing registered owners of Mercury-4. The synthesizer is packed with over 400 killer presets, including the original's front-panel factory presets, and 75 presets from acclaimed sound designer Huston Singletary.

Cherry Audio's Mercury-4 can now be yours for 50% off the list price for only $29 at cherryaudio.com and authorized resellers worldwide. Mercury-4 is available for Windows and macOS (native Apple M1 processor support), in AU, VST, VST3, AAX, and stand-alone formats, with a 30-day demo. But hurry! This sale only lasts until August 18th, 2022!

Pricing and Availability:

$29 until August 18th.

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