New Online Marketplace For Music Technology

US Buy and sell synths, samplers and studio outboard at Isla Instruments'      13/06/22

New Online Marketplace For Music Technology

Isla Instruments has announced GearTrader, a brand new platform for buying and selling second hand music technology. Here's the story in their own words...

Earlier this year, Isla Instruments purchased a large collection of music technology equipment from a museum called 'The Audio Playground' which was based in Orlando, FL but had long since closed its doors. They are in the process of restoring this marvellous collection, and finding new homes for the fascinating and often rare pieces within it.

Frustrated with the high selling fees charged by other marketplaces and auction sites, Isla Instruments decided to launch GearTrader - a new online marketplace. It is aimed at music technology enthusiasts, and operates "fairer fees" policy - keeping selling fees as low as possible to provide a friendly, safe environment for buying and selling music gear.

As of today, Isla Instruments are beginning to list some of the rare and beautiful equipment for sale from the Audio Playground collection. There are vintage synths like the incredibly rare Moog Sanctuary or Oberheim Eight Voice, drum machines like the legendary Roland TR-808 and TR-909, modular systems such as the Steiner-Parker Synthasystem or Roland System 100, and plenty more that won't necessarily break the bank.

There will be lots more gear listed in the next few months. At the same time, Geartrader is now open for anyone to buy or sell music gear.

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