Isla Instruments S2400 Sampler Updated

US Major OS update adds USB Audio and MIDI Tracks among others      19/07/21

Isla Instruments S2400 Sampler Updated

Isla Instruments has announced a major OS update to their S2400 sampler. The update adds two important new features: USB Audio and MIDI Tracks. They tell us that this is the biggest OS update since the S2400 release and includes many other improvements, features, and fixes.

Update details:

  • Full sound card functionality with 2-in / 10-out USB audio (48kHz, 16-bit)
  • Outputs 10 channels of USB Audio. Stereo mix plus eight individual channels
  • USB sampling allows recording of stereo USB Audio from a computer
  • Up to 32 tracks of MIDI recording and playback
  • Can function as MIDI controller with flexible MIDI fader/knob assignments
  • Improvements to Live Looping
  • Enhanced MIDI control of Sample tracks
  • Undo/Redo for pattern editing
  • Many other small improvements and fixes

Pricing and Availability:
The OS update is available now, free to all S2400 owners.
S2400: $1,499

More information:


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