NAMM 22: Animal Factory Amplification - Tannhauser Gates Quad VCA

US AFA are back on their continuing mission to distort the planet      04/06/22

Animal Factory Amplification make loud and alive pedals and Eurorack modules that embrace warmth, overdrive and delicious harmonic ruin.

Aditya told us that AFA have spent the past year re-designing their entire range, building an ecosystem of modules that work together and can patch internally. and are now finally able to share some of them with the world at NAMM.

Among the modules Aditya showed us was the prototype of Tannhauser Gates, a Quad VCA Mixer gives us 4 VCAs each with tilt eq, panning, and stereo send, return and stereo out, but it can also send and receive channels from up to 3 other Tannhauser units via internal patching, creating an expandable mixing system.

We also met up with Bonesaw VCF with individual lowpass, bandpass and highpass outputs, CV control over cutoff, FM amount and resonance. A pre-filter drive beefs up your signal, and with resonance cranked way up, it can be used as a super-screamy oscillator.

Tannhauser Gates available July. Price: 400 USD

Coma Reactor available July. Price 225 USD

Bonesaw VCF available now. Price around 200 USD

Other modules price and availability TBC.

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