Superbooth 22: - Ghost Air Streamer and Running order

US New modules from with a multi-fx collaboration with Andrew Huang      13/05/22

Superbooth 22: - Ghost  Air Streamer and Running order introduces three new modules: Ghost, Air Streamer and Running Order.

Andreas showed us the Ghost multi-fx processor developed in collaboration with Andrew Huang which is a processing unit without fixed structure allowing intuitive creation of astonishing and ephemeral timbres, from atmospheric rumbles to heavy or distorted textures. Based on the new generation ARM Cortex - M7 processor with 96 kHz 32 bit internal processing, It is extremely flexible and is inspired by Andrew's production techniques.

Running Order is a 2 track trigger sequencer and euclidean generator that can be a precise master clock or manipulate incoming clock signal and works great as a sub-sequencer/divider.

Finally there is the Airstreamer 4, a slimline version of the original A D and A S R looping function generator.

Ghost, Airstreamer 4 and Running Order are all available from July 22

Ghost Price: 470 euro

Airstreamer 4 and Running Order Price: TBA

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