Sonic LAB: Universal Audio Opal Morphing Synth

US New native instrument from the Spark range      06/05/22

Universal Audio recently announced their Spark subscription, a curated and expanding range of their plug-ins from the extensive UAD and Luna platforms. But these are now available as Native format plug-ins, so you don't need the DSP platform to use them (Mac only for now)

As part of the new package, UA have introduced Opal - an all new synthesizer instrument with 3  Hybrid Analog model and Wavetable oscillators, two morphing filters, 2 LFOs, 2 multi-segment function generators (per voice) and 3 envelopes.

Throw in a mod matrix and some tasty FX and you have the size of it.

We take a look at the new instrument.

Its available now as part of the Spark subscription at $19.99 a month

More information here:

Universal Audio Social

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