LEWITT Intros LCT 1040 Microphone System

US Designed to let you adapt to any vocalist or instrument with an easy workflow      02/02/22

LEWITT Intros LCT 1040 Microphone System

LEWITT tells us that, developed over many years in close cooperation with an extensive list of world- renowned industry professionals, the LCT 1040 microphone system is designed to serve as your ultimate studio centerpiece.

The LCT 1040 microphone system is a tube/FET microphone with a power supply and detachable remote-control unit. The latter connects via studio standard 3-pin XLR and, says LEWITT, lets you dial in the perfect sound from your sweet spot, where you can make the best decisions.

Roman Perschon, CEO of LEWITT, told us, "It has always been our vision to make the process of getting the perfect sound as easy as possible, the sound you envision, the one you already hear in your head."

Here's more details direct from the company...

To create the sound you envision, LCT 1040 features four distinct 100% all-analog tube characteristics – Clear – Warm – Dark – Saturated. Together, they cover an impressive range of tonal possibilities for different vocalists and instruments. But there's more – you can mix the tube circuit seamlessly with a crystal-clear FET for the extra punch.

You can also set the polar patterns seamlessly, and there are four low-cuts and attenuation settings available to capture everything perfectly at the source.

The shock mount features carbon fiber parts for extra support and a distinct look. The included magnetic pop filter comes with a high-performance double-screen design. The build quality is superb, and the majority of components are custom-made from scratch to ensure optimal acoustic performance. Everything in this product comes together to take its place as your new studio centerpiece.

The LCT 1040 is shipped in a nearly indestructible transport case including the microphone, PSU, remote control, shock mount, mic mount, magnetic pop filter,cables and shock mount.

Pricing and Availability:
Available from the 16th of February 2022 for a suggested retail price of £2999 /€3499 /$3499

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