u-he Hive 2 Soundset From The Matrix Resurrections And Others

US By Scarr, Weimer and Urs too      23/12/21

U-he instruments are once again used for scoring a blockbuster movie (Zebra patches were custom created for The Dark Knight for Hans Zimmer) this time its The Matrix Resurrection.

The 220+ strong sound bank is for HIVE 2 and has been custom crafted over a period of two years by Howard Scarr, Viktor Weimer (TUC) and Urs Heckmann too. Titled Metaphorium, they were originally commissioned as a custom set for composer Johnny Klimek,after describing the kind of sounds he was after for various projects he had coming up, includiing a "secret film". That film turned out to be The Matrix Resurrection.

As Urs Heckmann was one of the patch designers, features were added to HIVE 2.1 to allow the creation of the new bank - pretty cool!

The sound bank is available via u-he.com priced at €39 (see website for more demos)



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