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US Cre8 price, Pittsburgh design      19/07/21

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Cre8 Audio launch two new Eurorack modules in their own inimitable marketing style - the Capt'n Big-O and Mr Phil Ter.

What makes them more interesting, aside from the dreadful punnery, is that they have been designed by Pittsburgh Audio - who make some really great sounding stuff.

The idea we understand is to supply Cre8 Audio with more affordable modules, while Pittsburgh Modular continue to make their high end stuff.

Lets start with the Capt'n Big-O -  a 16HP module - it's based on the dual VCA core oscillator of the Voltage Research Lab oscillator and features the same weighty waves - Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth and Square plus the wavefolding which takes it into West Coast sonic territory. It also features a Drive circuit - with a VCA pounded with 75x more gain than usual.

The basic waves sound pretty good, great even, I would argue that Pittsburgh oscillators are amongst the bes and this doesn't disappoint, the added wavefolding generates a large variety of rich harmonics, which when sent to the drive circuit can make it really scream.

With CV control of Folding, Pulse Width (of course), Drive plus two FM inputs both Linear and Exponential, you can get a lot of mileage out of this  and it sounds good too.

Mr Phil Ter is a Filter module - of course!
With a 24dB transistor ladder resonant filter (quite Moog like) with we think a smidge of bass compensation to account for the resonance bass loss - we'd like to have seen more but hey this is budget.

CV control is only available for the Cut off, but it will track pretty well over around 2 octaves when in full resonance.

What adds extra value is the addition of an ASR (attack, sustain, release) envelope plus a VCA (in/out/Cv)

This when combined with the Capt'n Big-O gets you  a basic synth voice.
Envelope has both Slow and Fast outputs, roughly 1x and 2x speed.

I'm impressed with these two modules, having the input of a really experienced analogue designer like Richard Nicol from Pittsburgh Modular means you can get some seriously decent Oscillator power for a reasonable price and the Mr Phil Ter provide plenty of utility as well as a good filter.

Capt'n Big-O is priced at $199 list/ $149 street
Mr Phil Ter - $149 list $99 street.

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