Superbooth 22: Cre8audio East Beast

US Fully analogue east-coast style semi modular synth      11/05/22

Superbooth 22: Cre8audio East Beast

Richard Nicol from Pittsburgh Modular introduces East Beast, a tiny desktop mono-synth which is also Eurorackable.

East Beast's Oscillator, Envelope and creamy-smooth PGH filter were designed in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular, and were created to have one large sweet spot, wherever you push them. With 9 different patchable modules (oscillator, filter, envelope, VCA, LFO, multi-mod tool, sequencer, MIDI to CV converter, and button keyboard) and 18 Eurorack compatible patch points, it's a lot of synth in a small package.

East Beast is available now to pre-order, and ships in the next few weeks.

Price $US 249


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