Overlays And Sounds For Your Deluge

GB Oversynth offers add-ons for the Synthstrom synth      20/10/20

Oversynth.com has released a new collection of overlays, a downloadable command guide, and a sound pack for the Synthstrom Deluge. Here's the details in their own words...

The Deluge is an extremely complex and sophisticated musical instrument that usually requires the user to memorize dozens of control combinations in order to access the various command functions.  To help users remember these commands, Oversynth developed a simple color-coding and shape-coding cipher system to express control combinations using short, simple graphical phrases.  Each of the encoders are assigned basic colors such as purple, red, green, blue, etc.  User actions are assigned shapes such as 'square' for pushing the encoder like a button, and 'circle' for turning the encoder like a knob.  'Star' is used to indicate the push+turn action.

For example, nudging a clip horizontally is accomplished by pressing the Vertical Scroll (purple) encoder while turning the Horizontal Scroll (orange) encoder.  With the cipher, this control combination is expressed simply as a "purple square + orange circle" phrase that is printed with two colored shapes and a 'plus' sign on the overlay.  Many of the Deluge's commands are printed on the Oversynth overlays using this method.  Since there are far too many commands to print on the Deluge's front panel, Oversynth is also offering a 'Deluge Command Guide' in the form of a 10-page downloadable eBook.  The command guide was designed as a stand-alone product, so although the command guide uses the same cipher coding system as the overlays, it's not necessary to purchase the overlays in order to use the command guide.

The overlays make use of high contrast graphics and large fonts for easy viewing in low light.  The overlays are printed on a highly durable, waterproof, and 100% recyclable polyester sheet.  The matte finish is designed to minimize reflections from ambient light for maximum readability.

Overlay installation takes only a few minutes.  Simply remove the front panel knobs using an M1.5 (metric) hex key / Allen wrench, remove the backing from the adhesive strips on the back side of the overlay, place the overlay on top of the Deluge, and then re-install the knobs.

"RECKAGE" Sound Pack For Synthstrom Deluge

[West Coast Style Synthesis, Dark Ambient, Dystopian Soundscapes, SciFi, Deep focus, Investigative, and Contemplative]

This sound pack contains 51 original patches for the built-in synth engine of the Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer.

Explore the sonic ruins of broken technology and abandoned energy experiments using only the built-in sound engine of your Synthstrom Deluge synthesizer.  No samples are used in this sound pack.  The sounds make heavy use of AM and FM synthesis, Ring Modulation, Distortion, Noise, Atonal Harmonics, and Stereo and Delay Effects.  Many of the sounds are textural in nature, intended for use as soundscapes, pads, drones, sound effects, and background treatments.  There are also a few 'traditional' sounds like bass instruments for playing simple baselines or melodies beneath the other sounds.

Here is a video showing some of the sounds in the RECKAGE sound pack for Deluge...

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