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US LEWITT starts a new mixing competition featuring neo swing music      14/08/20

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World – August 2020... LEWITT is convinced that music will always bring us together, and now the Austrian microphone pioneer has teamed up with neo swing band MARINA & THE KATS to give you a professionally recorded multitrack session.

Working with MARINA & THE KATS, LEWITT has created the #LEWITTMusicChallenge #LEWITTDirty, giving you a chance to show your creativity and win LEWITT microphones.

To inspire your creativity, MARINA & THE KATS have exclusively recorded a version of their hit song Dirty in LEWITT's new HQ recording studio capturing the whole song on 28 audio tracks and on video.

If you're new to mixing, you'll find lots of mixing tips in the How-To-Mix video that comes with the contest. Samuel Ray-Penndy Attuah, the band's engineer, sat down with LEWITT product manager Gabriel Angerstein to go through all tracks and plugins in detail to show you how Samuel produced his mix version of Dirty.

Now you can take the challenge and show what you can do. Mix or remix the song, record a cover, play along with it – there are no limits to your creativity. Then upload your version of the song to a social media platform, tag the post with #LEWITTMusicChallenge & #LEWITTDirty. Share it with your friends and invite them to take part. You'll also have the chance to win one of nine prizes by simply submitting a link to your mix on LEWITT's website.

The challenge starts now and runs until the 4th of September. All the audio files and details for the LEWITT challenge featuring MARINA & THE KATS can be found here.


Designed and engineered in Vienna, Austria, LEWITT microphones are setting new standards in sound capture as an innovative alternative. Founded in January 2010 by entrepreneurial audio pioneer Roman Perschon, LEWITT is a dedicated and diverse team of audio experts with a passion for quality. Their in-house engineering capabilities allow them to focus entirely on the needs of audio enthusiasts. Each microphone model is the result of a consultative process with many of the world's most respected producers, sound engineers, and musicians. Find out more at

MARINA AND THE KATS do not worship the past, but they do use it with merciless intensity to create their own niche in the present. Musically, Marina and the Kats are right on the mark with their unique neo swing sound. The ubiquitous Marina heads the band and inspires the audience with her expressive voice as well as with her metronome drumming style. Emancipated from the mundane music of bygone times, "the world's smallest Big Band" is an absolute novelty on the stage. Neoswing from their own pen? That's how it feels to fall head over heels for the music.

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