Expressive E Releases Lié 1.5

US Plus a free Carbon sound expansion for all owners of Touché or MPE Collection      14/08/20

Expressive E has announced the release of a significant update to Lié, the companion application for its innovative Touché and Touché SE controllers. The software acts both as a host for VST instruments, and as a means to configure the flagship Touché for controlling hardware synths.

As of version 1.5.0, Lié now comes with a new sound expansion called Carbon, a revamped interface, a reworked firmware for Touché, and several minor bug fixes. Carbon is also a free add-on for anyone who owns the MPE Collection, the sound collection that Expressive E created for everyone who uses controllers with MIDI Polyphonic Expression capabilities.

A spokesperson told us, "Carbon contains 60 new, fresh and expressive sounds that once again rely on the powerful UVI Falcon engine running within UVI Workstation, the synth player bundled with Lié. This sound expansion, combined with today's innovative expressive controllers, inspires with its unique approach to electronic sounds. Carbon's deep pads, gnarly basses and colorful plucks are suited for all kinds of genres, expanding the number of factory sounds for Touché to now more than 250. Additionally, Expressive E offers another 250+ free presets for playing Touché with popular soft synths from other brands."

Along with small bug fixes and minor improvements, Lié 1.5.0 debuts a refreshed GUI with magnification presets as well as a reworked menu and browser structure for easier access to all important settings. Expressive E carefully reprogrammed a large part of the Touché firmware to further improve stability and reliability when using Touché without a computer to control hardware synths. The reworked firmware also tackles connectivity and firmware update issues that previously occurred on a small number of Touchés.

Click here to access the new Expressive E video playlist showing some tracks made only with Carbon sounds.

Lié 1.5.0 is available as a VST/AU plug-in and as a standalone app for both Windows 10 and macOS 10. Touché and Touché SE owners will find the download ready in their customer account.

Owners of MPE Collection need to redownload the installer to gain access to the Carbon sound expansion. It was added as a fourth expansion to the former trio of Mercury, Helium and Patchwork MPE and will load directly in UVI Workstation.

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