SE Asian Gong Drum For Kontakt

US Riot Audio releases Ritual Gong Drum library      22/07/20

Riot Audio describes their new release, RITUAL GONG DRUM, as a pristinely recorded, deeply sampled library of a ceremonial bronze gong drum (karen drum) from South East Asia for Kontakt 5.8+.

This particular drum was in the ground for most of its lifetime as a ceremonial drum, only to be disenterred for ancestral and other rituals in the local village. It was brought back to the UK by renowned South East Asia expert and anthropologist Andrew Turton, during his studies there in the 1970s. It has since been in his private collection of artefacts and musical instruments from the region.

A spokesperson told us, "RITUAL GONG DRUM is a highly versatile virtual instrument that ranges from intimate taps to ringing mallet booms.The library is highly playable, with left hand and right hand separately mapped for easy playing and programming of rolls and crescendi. The custom UI interface allows for control of Sustain, Tape Saturation and subtle Low End control as well as Reverb amount and size."


  • Fully playable percussion sample library running in Kontakt 5.8 and above (full version only)
  • Source instrument: Antique ceremonial bronze Karen gong drum from South East Asia
  • 6 presets (snapshots): Dry Muted, Hard Knock, Heavy Tam Tam, Natural Ambience, Quasi Reverse, Soft but Epic
  • Independent left and right hands
  • Creative envelope controls


Pricing and Availability:
Intro price until August 12th 2020: £29 (regular price: £39)

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