Podcast: Sonic TALK 611 - A New Improved Normal

US Polyend Tracker, things to do, silver linings      19/03/20

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70:2 mins


  • Yoad Nevo - mixer, producer,Waves developer
  • Tori Letzler/Steve Davis - LA based media composers
  • Dominic Hawken-producer, keyboard player, songwriter,developer

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Freeze Machines from SonicstateNotes:
Hellos and welcomes
08:00 Polyend Tracker
20:00 iZotope Ozone 9 Advanced Competition
22:20 Superbooth and our online content plans for the hole left by its cancellation
Want to get involved? sonicshows@sonicstate.com
24:00 What to do with your time
41:00 Tori And Steve's duplicated gear
49:00 Brainworx buy PPG Synthesizers
50:00 more duplications
57:00 More silver linings

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