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GB Oversynth releases fifteen adhesive-backed overlays      25/02/20

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Oversynth.com has introduced a collection of fifteen adhesive-backed overlays for the Teenage Engineering OP-Z. Each top-panel overlay is a 9-piece kit that includes one main sticker for the OP-Z body and a pair of smaller stickers for each of the four parameter dials. Here's the details direct from Oversynth...

Designs include a wide variety of different labeling and visual themes.  The “Caption” series of designs feature stylish color combinations with descriptions for all tracks and shortcut labels for each of the step components and punch-in effects.  For those who prefer a more visually simple interface, there are also designs that feature the OP-Z’s graphical symbols above stunning photographic imagery.  Do you enjoy making music while staring into an outer space nebula, a brilliantly colored sunset, or a snowy mountain scene?  If so, then check out the “Nebula”, “Sunbleached Expanse” and “Snow-PZ” designs.

There is also a special “Underlay” design that fits on the OP-Z’s bottom panel with an OS 1.2.20 cheat-sheet with reminders for the essential OP-Z parameters and multi-button combination functions.

The overlays are professionally printed on a commercial digital press and then finished with a glossy lamination to protect the image from the constant finger presses and rubbing that goes along with using the OP-Z.  The medium-tack adhesive is strong enough to hold the overlay in place, but it also allows it to be removed if desired.  

When properly installed, the overlay will not interfere with any of the OP-Z’s functions.  Instructions for installing the overlays can be found on each of the product pages, as well as in the video.

About Oversynth
Oversynth is a specialty graphic design and publishing company.  They feature overlays for a variety of synthesizers including the Korg MS-20 Mini, Elektron Model:Samples, Moog Mother-32, DFAM, Minitaur, and Sirin, DSI Evolver, and Behringer Neutron.  Oversynth products are manufactured in small batches based on customer demand and ship worldwide from Wilsonville, Oregon, USA.

Pricing and Availability:
OP-Z adhesive overlay products are available now

Each OP-Z overlay is priced at $28 US Dollars, with free worldwide shipping for low volumes.  Additionally, discount pricing is available on purchases of multiple OP-Z products (such as an overlay and the underlay cheat-sheet for example).

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