TC Electronic Announces Plethora X5

A TonePrint Pedalboard with TC effects, 5 MASH footswitches, FX loop and more      21/02/20

TC Electronic has announced Plethora X5 which they describe as a TonePrint Pedalboard with TC effects, 5 MASH footswitches, FX loop and much more. This is what they have to say about it...


Plethora X5 lets you create up to 127 boards, each consisting of up to 5 pedals, with the ability to load every single pedal with any TonePrint you like.

Well-known TC effects like Flashback Delay and Hall of Fame Reverb are onboard as well as TC's pitch effects, modulation, compression and much more!
Plug and rock
Plethora comes loaded with a whole bunch of tasty premade boards ready to go. No fuss.

You can also take it one step further and choose which pedals go where on your board.

Or get your hands dirty with TC's proprietary TonePrint technology, and customize each pedal in-depth for your personal touch!

BYOD (Bring your own drive)
There's nothing worse than having to use a dirt pedal that doesn't speak to you - it's like wearing a pair shoes that don't fit!

Plethora’s FX insert loop lets you integrate your favorite vintage fuzz boxes or magical green overdrives into the signal chain to keep things comfy.
Stay connected
Plethora X5 is the first TC pedal that lets you connect to the TonePrint App using wireless technology.

The free TonePrint app connects your phone to Plethora letting you arrange boards and make custom TonePrints and much more.

Plethora X5 features

  • Up to 127 Boards
  • All TonePrint pedals and more
  • Store up to 75 TonePrints for each effect
  • External FX Loop can be moved anywhere in the signal chain
  • 5 Footswitches with MASH Expression technology
  • Bluetooth
  • Stereo I/O
  • Cab sim with British-style voicing

Pricing and Availability:


More information:



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