Cab Sim And IR Loading Stompbox

US TC Electronic releases the IMPULSE IR LOADER      18/02/22

Cab Sim And IR Loading Stompbox

TC Electronic tells us that  IMPULSE IR LOADER is a Cab Sim and IR loader with the objective to make the complexity of working with impulse response files disappear in much the same way tuning became a breeze with Polytune and looping was made simple with Ditto Looper. IMPULSE IR LOADER holds up to 99 IR emulations that can be loaded near-instantaneously. Right out of the box, it comes pre-loaded with 25 IR's, leaving 74 slots for additional storage.  

Product Manager, Paul Robert Scott, told us, "To get all of our users off to a great start, we teamed up with the most prestigious guitar speaker manufacturer in the industry: Celestion. They've already meticulously created accurate and natural-sounding IR's of their most popular speaker models. So, we're proud to announce that the IMPULSE IR LOADER comes pre-loaded with 12 of the finest, official Celestion DIGITAL IR's – hand-picked from what we believe to be the best IR on the market. Furthermore, we succeeded in making the IMPULSE IR LOADER capable of supporting IR's of up to 200ms, which allows for unparalleled accuracy and detail when cab, amp and acoustic IR's resemble the real deal."

IMPULSE IR LOADER also comes with TC Electronic PEDAL PLATFORM IR's, which makes it possible to quickly become DI-ready and able to play or record without amps and cabs. These IR's were created using both an amp and a cab in order to provide that particular sound through a PA system, or at home when recording direct through an audio interface. In addition, TC Electronic also developed a number of Acoustic Guitar IR's to take acoustic guitars with piezo pickups through PA systems from dull to full.

Finally, IMPULSE IR LOADER features a global compensation EQ for that final touch, as well as TrueBypass design, which makes it act as a classic punch-in/punch-out pedal. When used as an always-on device, A/B mode can be activated to use the footswitch to instantly toggle between two different IR's.

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