New TC Electronic Analog Delay Pedal

US BUCKET BRIGADE feaures up to 600ms and modulation      04/02/22

New TC Electronic Analog Delay Pedal

TC Electronic has introduced a new analog delay pedal, BUCKET BRIGADE, that they say presents a tireless 'Regiment of Repetition' that will go on and on for up to 600ms. They tell us that  BUCKET BRIGADE is all about articulate delay lines with warm-sounding reproductions passing through a carefully crafted series of filters in the feedback circuit. Further, the pedal comes with built-in modulation that can effortlessly be applied at the flick of a switch. The modulation effect will only be added to the repeated notes, with direct control of depth from the top panel and adjustment of speed available via an internal trim pot.

Paul Robert Scott, Product Manager, told us, "We wanted to craft a high quality wall-to-wall all analog design with the sole purpose of putting an incredibly flexible analog delay in the hands of capable guitarists everywhere. In fact, you can make this pedal sound old-school and fresh at the same time. How? Well, BUCKET BRIGADE simply unites the best of the past and the present elegantly in a single stompbox. And I am very happy with how the pedal turned out. Managing to achieve pristine delay lines with deliciously musical degradation and a very controllable feedback, whilst squeezing a staggering 600ms of delay time and tweakable onboard modulation into such a compact box made a real difference." 

TC says that BUCKET BRIGADE also features TrueBypass design, as well as a rugged and road-ready enclosure and believes that  the combination of top-mounted jack connectors and a tiny footprint ensures that it will fit easily on virtually any pedalboard.

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