NAMM 2020: Triple Chorus For Eventide H9

US TriceraChorus vintage-inspired algorithm announced alongside limited edition H9 Dark      16/01/20

NAMM 2020: Triple Chorus For Eventide H9

Eventide has unveiled TriceraChorus, a new vintage-inspired triple chorus algorithm for its TEC Award-winning H9 Harmonizer.

This is the 52nd algorithm released for the H9 platform. To mark the occasion, Eventide will also be releasing the fully-loaded, limited edition, H9 Dark. They say that musicians can now “play with a full deck” of all 52 effects with over 600 unique presets.

TriceraChorus is inspired by classic bucket brigade delay tri-choruses and choruses used both live and in the studio. TriceraChorus has up to three chorus voices, each with a dedicated LFO to modulate a delay and create lush chorus sounds. The algorithm also has vibrato, stereo detune, and two envelope destinations (Mix & Rate) on tap.

Pricing and Availability:
H9 Dark and TriceraChorus will be available in February. Current H9/H9 Core owners can purchase the algorithm from H9 Control as an in-app purchase for $19.99; TriceraChorus is free for H9 Max owners.

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