Presets For Your SE-02

Robust American Patches releases a set of 128 for the Roland/Studio Electronics synth      20/12/19

Robust American Patches has released a first volume of 128 Synthesizer presets for the Roland/Studio Electronics SE-02.  This is what they have to say...

Lovingly hand crafted from scratch, these sounds beg to be played from a controller with a modwheel and aftertouch. (Nearly every single patch has both MW and Aftertouch assignments...Not to mention Velocity and Pitchbend). This is the early, raw release and we're offering a huge Holiday/1Year Anniversary discount off of the already low price for a very limited time. What does "raw release" mean? No preset descriptions file, no individual preset files (besides the usb drive files) and a severe lack of demonstrations at the moment. Hey what do you want for $7.50? :)  We've included the official editor bank files and the SE-02 USB drive folders with quick "read me" files explaining how to load the this bank. The complete demonstrations are in the works and should be up shortly after the holidays. The preset list and descriptions file should be completed around the same time and will be sent to existing owners immediately when finished.

Pricing and Availability:

On sale at $7.50

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