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US Robust American Patches releases Contemporary VCOS 2      24/05/23

Robust American Patches has released Contemporary VCOS 2 for the Korg Wavestate and Wavestate Native. This is what they have to say about it...

This brand new sample bank and collection of performances is based on the amazing voltage controlled oscillators of the OB-6. While our first custom sample bank, "Contemporary VCOS", focused on the saw wave of the OB-6, Contemporary VCOS 2 is all about square waves and pulse width modulation. This new sample bank includes 6 VCO multisamples that cover 5 full octaves (61 samples each including the extra C6 sample at the top of the key range) plus a 7th "bonus" multisample that is DCO based. (25 samples or 2 full octaves) Contemporary VCOS 2 contains 47 performances, 100 programs and 391 samples in total. All samples were recorded at 24bit/48Khz and handled with great care to avoid any loss of quality. During the sampling process, the coveted vintage mode was engaged and generous amounts were added. Nearly all of the 47 performances offer extensive mod knob assignments utilizing both the performance mod knobs and the layer mod knobs.

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory Price: $12.50 (Regular Price: $15.50)

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