Presentation: LiquidSonics 7th Heaven Reverb - Bricasti M7 Simulation

And the difference between Convolution and Algorithmic reverbs      24/09/19

Buying Choices

Liquidsonics specialize in reverb plug-ins, they use their own Fusion-IR convolution technology to create extremely authentic simulations of hardware as well as their own unique spaces. 

The 7th Heaven Professional plugin is the only simulation to get close to the highly regarded Bricasti M7 hardware reverb. This is an algorithmic reverb unit prized for is realism and neutrality. Its used in many major studios and also in post production and film work. 

We had a look at what 7th Heaven Professional and the more affordable 7th Heaven versions of the plug-in do  with Julian Rodgers, as well as getting a great insight into the differences between Convolution and Algorithmic reverb types.

7th Heaven Professional is available from priced at $299 and comes with the additional Bricasti V2 algorithms

7th Heaven is less featured than Professional (less controls, V1 algorithms) but comes in at $69


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