The Sound Of Seven Classic Plate Reverbs

LiquidSonics Lustrous Plates recreates the tones using Temporal Acoustic Spectral Mapping      20/03/19

The Sound Of Seven Classic Plate Reverbs

LiquidSonics tells us that Lustrous Plates recreates the beautiful tone of seven classic plate reverbs using LiquidSonics’ new Temporal Acoustic Spectral Mapping (TASM) technology. A spokesperson had this to say...

"Powered by Fusion-IR | Synthesis, Lustrous Plates is a rich and luxurious contemporary plate design with seven distinctive models. TASM uses a proprietary multi band dynamic capture and analysis method which allows an unprecedented frequency specific profiling of each plate’s natural decay, which is then mapped into an advanced reverb synthesis algorithm.

This not only reproduces the beautiful decay of real hardware plates, but it also gains the benefit of having classic algorithmic reverb parameters which allow fine tuning in ways that you’ve never been able to with any other plate emulation including precise control of frequency dispersion, width and modulation.

Lustrous Plates comes with a selection of professionally designed presets for a wide range of sources including drums, guitars, vocals and strings so you can quickly find the ideal plate for your track."

Pricing and Availability:

Available to buy from the LiquidSonics Store for $149 until 21 April ($199 thereafter).

Lustrous Plates is also included as a part of the Slate Digital Everything Bundle subscription service.

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