Superbooth 2019: Polyend Updates - Medusa 2.0 And New Modules

Poly2 and Preset - programmable CV matrix and Seqquencer      17/05/19

Polyend were showing updates to the Medusa synth - a collaboration between them and Dreadbox with a unique interface and take on synthesis with 6 oscillators, 3 analog and 3 digital. can be played as a massive single voice, or poly up pto 6 voices. together with the unique grid based sequencer and playing grid with multiple axis of articulation its a fascinating concept. The new firmware adds quite a lot of new features since we published our review:

We also took a look at their new Eurorack Modules:

Poly2 follows on from the Poly Eurorack giving you a 14HP up to 8 voice MIDI to CV with USB host mode.
With 20 configurations, you can hook up external MIDI/USB gear to multiple CV outputs such as clock, controller to CV etc. They call it the ultimate MIDI to CV €349 available June.

We also saw the new Polyend Preset:

Its got some chops from the Medusa in the way that the 32 pads allows for pitch and CV changes programmed per pad. 9 encoders output CV based on values programmed into the grid or via automation - per parameter.

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