64 Presets For The Sequential Prophet Rev2

Robust American Patches new set offers 80's Soundtrack craziness and more      18/03/19

Robust American Patches has  released their first Volume of presets for the Sequential Prophet Rev2, which thet tell us is inspired by late 70's...Early 80's Sci-fi films and bands.

A spokesperson had this to say...

"64 Custom Presets for your Sequential Prophet Rev2!!! This has been a long time in the making and we hope you find the sounds more than inspiring. Impossible to stop playing them would be acceptable. Working with the Rev2 has been extremely fun and we hope that comes through in these synthesizer patches. Half a bank? Yes, we like to keep the numbers down to a more manageable amount. So 1 Bank made up of 2 Volumes. Volume II is in the works and should be available in a few short weeks. These sounds are delivered as sysex files. (.syx) You get both the bank file, containing all 64 presets, as well as the individual sysex files for each preset. Midi-Ox (PC) or Snoize (Mac)

In Volume I you will find some 80's Soundtrack inspired craziness as well as more modern and contemporary styles of sounds. Heavy synth basses and powerfully smooth leads along with several drums kits. You also get plenty of pads and strings. You even get an acoustic piano created for very soft playing and an almost too realistic choir, complete with lazy pitched singers."

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Members  of the Sequential Forums can get a special price for a limited time.

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