KB-1 Keyboard Suite Update

Numerical Audio adds iPhone support, new layouts and much more to their iOS MPE keyboard      22/02/19

KB-1 Keyboard Suite Update

Numerical Audio has updated KB-1 - Expressive Keyboard Suite to v1.1 adding iPhone support, new layouts and more. Here’s their press release with the full details…

Starting with v1.1, KB-1 is now a universal app, meaning it supports both, iPhone and iPad without requiring an additional purchase.

When using KB-1 on an iPhone capable of 3D Touch, pressure can be used for aftertouch or MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).

In addition, KB-1 now includes a total of 8 distinct layouts, with the latest additions being Drum, XY-Pad and CC Control layouts.

With the drum layout, users can have up to 16 custom mappable trigger pads complete with velocity and a roll feature.

The XY-Layout can be configured for either one or two xy-pads per keyboard with individual modes and output channels for each. XY-Pad modes can be classic "CC control" where both axis are generating MIDI control change events, "Note" - where x-axis is mapped to pitch while the y-axis controls expression or "Wheels" where the x-axis is mapped to mod- and the y-axis to pitch-wheel respectively.

Finally, with the CC Control layout it's possible to have up to 16 user mappable knobs for MIDI CC control turning KB-1 from a keyboard to a fully customizable control surface.

Adding to the new layouts, KB-1 now includes 3 distinct performance controls (Wheels, XY & Strum) which can be added to any layout and positioned on either side of the keyboard.  

Last but not least, the 1.1 update includes numerous bug fixes and improvements such as additional settings regarding MPE MIDI, polyphonic note repeat, a chord memory feature, an improved user interface and optimized performance.

- 8 Keyboard Layouts
- Multiple Rows per Keyboard
- Multiple Octaves per Keyboard
- 15+ Scales (for layouts that support scales)
- MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE)
- Standalone operation with multiple Keyboards and dedicated MIDI outputs per Keyboard
- AUv3 MIDI Plugin

- Classic (Piano Keys + Wheels)
- Uniform (Seboard-style Keys and Layout)
- String (String-style Keys)
- Scale (Uniform layout with scale support)
- Chord (One key per chord for all scale degrees)
- (NEW) Drum: (up to 16 user mappable drum pads)
- (NEW) XY (up to 2 configurable XY-Pads)
- (NEW) CC (up to 16 user mappable knobs for CC control)

- Glide (horizontal)
- Slide (vertical)
- Velocity (mapped to y-axis)
- Pressure (iPhone only)

App Connectivity:
- Standalone
- AUv3 MIDI Instrument

MIDI Connectivity:
- Inter-App MIDI
- Network MIDI

- iOS11+
- iPad 4th generation or newer
- iPhone SE or newer

Pricing and Availability:

KB-1 for iPad is available on the Apple AppStore at discounted price of $9.99

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