Monophonic Bass Synthesizer For iOS

Numerical releases Agonizer, designed in collaboration with haQ attaQ      12/11/20

Numerical Audio has released Agonizer, a monophonic bass synthesizer for iOS. They say that, designed in close collaboration with YouTuber and synth bass expert Jakob Haq of haQ attaQ, Agonizer puts a focus on delivering deep and dirty bass sounds ranging from classic drum n bass inspired sounds all the way to heavily modulated modern sounds. Here's the full details direct from Numerical Audio...

Built around a pair of wavetable oscillators complete with 40+ wavetables, the ability to morph between waveforms as well as cross modulation between the two oscillators, Agonizer has a wide range of timbres on offer. In addition, a dedicated "Mangle" section including pre-filter drive, bit crush, lift and push controls to allow for further sound sculpting before a virtual analog ladder filter takes over to tame the sound in a musically pleasing way.

In terms of modulation, Agonizer comes with a highly tweak-able sequenced modulator dubbed the "wobulator" allowing for quick and easy creation of rhythmically modulated bass and lead lines. In addition, there is one key and tempo sync-able LFO as well as a standard ADSR and one variable slope AD envelope.

Modulation can be applied to almost anything simply by long pressing a control and dialling in the desired amount for one or more of the 12 available modulation sources.

Last but not least, Agonizer includes a stereo chorus and delay, both being voiced in a way that accentuates bass sounds without turning things into a muddy mess.

Of course Agonizer supports the Audio Unit V3 standard making it possible to load multiple instances into any DAW that supports AUv3. In addition, Audiobus 3, Inter-App Audio, USB Audio/MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI and Ableton Link are all supported as well making Agonizer a perfect fit for almost any setup.  

* Monophonic Synth Engine with focus on bass sounds
* Built-in stereo effects
* 140+ fine tuned factory presets designed by Jakob Haq
* Supports ROLI Seaboard and other MPE controllers out of the box
* Standalone operation with support for USB audio interfaces, wired, network & bluetooth MIDI
* Audio Unit v3 Extension
* Inter App Audio support
* Audiobus support
* Ableton Link

Synth Voice:
* Dual Wavetable Oscillators with 40+ Wavetables, Morphing & X-Mod
* Dedicated sub osc & noise source
* Mangle Section with pre-filter Drive, Bitcrush, Lift and Push controls
* VA Ladder filter
* Wobulator (Highly tweak-able Sequenced LFO)
* LFO with Key and BPM Sync
* Variable Slope AD & ADSR Envelopes
* Valve emulation based master drive

* 2x stereo effect units
* Vintage Chorus
* Digital Delay

* MPE MIDI hardware including but not limited to ROLI Seaboard Rise, Seaboard Block, Lightpad Block
* MPE MIDI software including but not limited to Geoshred, Geoshred Control
* Regular MIDI keyboards featuring channel or poly aftertouch, pitch- and mod wheels
* Onscreen 2D Touch Keyboard (supports slide and glide)
* Plain MIDI Input

* Factory bank including 140+ presets designed by Jakob Haq
* Preset Management with Templates & Categories
* Shared User Presets between Standalone and AUv3 versions
* Preset Export & Import

* Standalone
* AUv3 Instrument
* Inter-App Audio Instrument
* Audiobus Instrument

* iOS12+
* iPad Air 2 or newer


Pricing and Availability:

Agonizer for iPad is available on the Apple AppStore at a discounted price of $9.99 (intro offer, ends Nov 18th) and regularly sells for $19.99.

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