Meet The Makers: Teenage Engineering Interview

US Products, team and Ikea      12/02/19
    MP4 20:23 mins    

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Teenage Engineering has grown to 40 people. Enabling this has been the success of the OP-1 - now almost 10 years old, the Pocket Operators, with the OP-Z and now the Modular series about to hit the markets as well as countless non-music design work, including working with Ikea.

TE have a pretty laid back approach to their company management, with a collaborative flavour to all that they do, its the attention to detail as engineers that define their striking and desirable designs.

We caught up with some ot the team on a sunny Anaheim motel balcony before the show began and it seems, things are good:
david eriksson, head of hardware
jesper kouthoofd, ceo / head of design
mattias dymling, humanist 
tobias von hofsten, mentor 
emil kullänger, pr 

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