NAMM 2019: Ultimate Support Modular Desktop Stands

Ideal for stacking desktop units      31/01/19

Ultimate Support were showing their new MDS (modular device stand) system. Stackable in two tiers, they feature a unique and excellently Harry Potter-esque geared locking syntem to hold units in place. They also have additional stacking legs for up to 2 tier setup.

And they are pretty affordable - base unit $59.59 expander legs are $19.99

Also shown is the new generation of Apex keyboard stand, with new arm options, footpedal mounts and more.

While we're on the subject of stands, check out their well thought out range of mic stands - the live series gives one clutch adjustment, locking legs and some really nifty locking arm and articulations. A little more expensive than the cheapest mic stands, but they are really well designed.

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Thanks to Audio Technica For Providing These Mics For Our Crew

BP894cW Cardioid Condenser Head Mic
  Pro8HEx Hypercardioid Dynamic Mic

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