WNAMM08: Ultimate Support Make A Stand…

…several actually, including 7 innovative new designs      25/01/08

WNAMM08: Ultimate Support Make A Stand…

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Ultimate Support has announced a collection of product offerings. Along with seven innovative first-time designs—Apex Column Keyboard Stand (AX-90 Series), MC-90 Custom Series Mic Stands, TS-100 Hydraulic Speaker Stand, MC-85 Standard Mic Stand, Genesis 1000 Universal Guitar Stand, SP-90 Satellite Pole, and the PC-80 Performance Chair—Ultimate has introduced the JamStands by Ultimate Support line of affordable stands. They have also added new color options—White and Chrome—for several of their existing products, and have been showcasing the return of some previously discontinued classics including the IQ X-Style and Deltex Keyboard Stands.
Robin Slaton, Director of Design/Director of Marketing, had this to say, “The product is the brand, and no one knows that better than Ultimate Support. Ultimate Support is recharged, and heading into the next year, we are redefining the loosely used descriptor, “innovation�. Not only are there new products in new categories, but we’ve revolutionized some of our iconic products like Apex, as well. New products from Ultimate Support will not only meet the needs of the artist, but also surpass them. This is a new beginning for a historic company, one that promises a bright future and enthusiastic customers.�
Here’s what Ultimate Support have to say about what’s new for NAMM:
After twenty years as the standard for live-performance support, the Apex legacy continues with the new Apex Column Keyboard Stand (AX-90 Series). Apex’s support arms are now height, width, length, AND angle adjustable with memory settings for easy set up. Arms attach to built-in column clamps that are infinitely adjustable on tracks running down each side of the column. For playing, arms snap and lock in place; for storage, they fold down on the outside of the stand or store inside the column without interfering with the length settings. Arms accommodate any size keyboard—no need to order longer arms. Apex utilizes Ultimate Support’s ‘Quad Pod Technology, which makes the traditional column stand more stable; 4 legs provide increased tip resistance and improved center of gravity. Legs lock in place while playing for stable support, even with large 88-note keyboards. This highly versatile and portable stand comes with a custom-fit tote bag with pockets. Available in a wide range of popular colors from the industry-standard Black, and Silver, to White, Pewter, Burnt Orange, Pink, Green, Blue, and Red.
Another exciting offering from Ultimate Support are the MC-90 Custom Series Mic Stands. Following in the tradition of Ultimate Support’s ‘Colorado Custom’ mic stand, these feature detailed, themed bases (with matching clutches) in a variety of designs to suit anyone’s style. These are a must-have for any lead singer’s arsenal and sure to become the centerpiece of any stage! Featuring our patented one-hand clutch mechanism, chose from six motifs: “Dark Magic� (Celtic Cross-themed), “Bring It on Sucka� (bullet base with hand-grenade clutch), “Love/Hate� (broken flame heart and conical clutch), “Venom� (spider web base with black widow clutch), “Are You Talkin’ to Me?� (comic book-style “POW� base with brass knuckle clutch), and “Burnin’ Rubber� (circular sweep design base with 60’s-style shifter clutch).
Ultimate Support’s TS-100 Hydraulic Speaker Stand does the heavy lifting for you with its hydraulic telescoping mechanism. The premium telescoping mechanism is on a classic Ultimate Support speaker stand base featuring larger diameter tubing and metal reinforced clamps, allowing it to securely support more weight than other stands. And for portability, it quickly folds into a compact, lightweight unit.
Designed to be the dependable, everyday workhorse of the Ultimate Support line of mic stands, comes the MC-85 Standard Mic Stand. Smoothly raise or lower height with its reliable clutch. The enamel coating resists rust and scratches. Field replaceable components are obtainable for touring professionals. Available in Black or White.
Based on the industry standard GS-100 Universal Guitar/Bass/Acoustic Guitar Stand, the Genesis 1000 Universal Guitar Stand holds any guitar regardless of shape or weight. Featuring Ultimate Support’s new weight-actuated closing device, simply place your guitar or bass into the stand and the instrument’s weight pulls the yoke closed around the headstock. The stand is height-adjustable to hold most sizes and shapes of guitars and basses, and the soft, velvet pads protect fine finishes. Legs lock open and closed for worry-free stability and folds into a one-piece, portable unit.
Featuring our ‘Quad Pod Technology,’ the new PC-80 Performance Chair creates an extremely strong and stable structure able to hold up to 300 lbs. The 4-legged ‘Quad Pod’ design provides increased tip resistance and improved center of gravity over other 3-legged benches—and lock in place for secure support. Fully adjustable from piano bench height to bar stool height, the PC-80 includes removable foot-and backrests, and folds into its own travel bag.
SP-90 Heavy Satellite Speaker Pole features Ultimate Support’s TeleLock® technology which allows one person to easily and safely raise and lower heavy speakers.
JamStands By Ultimate Support offers great bang for your buck! JamStands is the newest line of dependable stands offered at a super-low price point from the world’s leading innovator of music accessories. From a wide range of mic stands of varying configurations, to guitar stools, benches and stands for keyboards, guitar and bass, to basic music stands and rolling racks, JamStands offers a wide range to choose from—all from the brand you’ve known and trusted over the past 30 years!
New colors: MC-78 One-hand Mic, VS-80 V-Stand Keyboard, and TR-VS80 2nd Tier stands are now available in White. Offered by request from artists and houses of worship, the new white finish also complements any Apple® desktop computer rig. Now available in CHROME are the MC-40 Mic Stand with Boom Package, MC-05 Round Base, and MC-84 Mic Boom.
Re-introduced: The IQ X-Style Keyboard Stand is Ultimate’s heavy-duty, double-braced X-style stand. This is a great stand for DJ setup applications, too! The larger footprint and tubing to make it even stronger, holding up to 300 lbs. Nine settings range from sitting to standing levels and allow you to set the stand to your optimal height and with Memory Lock, it opens to the selected choice every time. End caps adjust to stabilize the stand on uneven surfaces.
The Deltex Keyboard Stand is back! This popular column-style stand with road-tested, proven reliability offers musicians with lighter keyboards a height-adjustable stand that will hold up to two keyboards. Arms and legs detach and store in optional tote for transport.

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