Sinevibes Releases Luminance Shimmer Reverb

AU plug-in for Macs gradually pitch-shifts the reverberation tail      17/08/18

Sinevibes has announced the release of Luminance for Mac, which they describe as an Audio Unit plugin that produces 'shimmer reverb' effects - unreal acoustic space simulations which gradually pitch-shift the reverberation tail.

A spokesperson told us, "It’s a novel take on this coveted effect, here based on a modern 'feedback delay network' design with high-quality interpolation - plus quite a few original tricks such as phase-inverted time modulation, special configurations for damping and signal blending. All this gives Luminance a fresh and highly musical character: it smoothly follows the original melodies and harmonies and creates a lush background sound layer reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs. And to ensure highest possible day-to-day usability, Luminance has an easy-to-understand set of finely-tuned parameters."


  • Feedback delay network with 8x8 Hadamard matrix, cubic Hermite spline interpolation and variable time span.
  • Granular pitch shifter and two-pole low-pass filter for shimmer effect shaping.
  • Sine generator with unique phase-flipped modulation routing.
  • Separate level controls for dry input signal, reverb send and return signals allowing multiple routing configurations.
  • Color-coded graphics with subtle animations.
  • Fully hardware-accelerated rendering with support for retina screen resolution.



  • Works with any application that supports Audio Unit effect plugins.
  • Supports OS X 10.6 or later running on 32 or 64 bit Intel Macs.


Pricing and Availability:

Luminance is available for $29. It can also be purchased for as low as 1/3 of its price in Complete Collection ($349) and Creative Collection ($149) bundles.

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