Presentation: Softube Console 1 Mix Controller

With American Class A Channel      30/07/18
    MP4 30:9 mins    

The Softube Console 1 controller is a unique device, essentially a dedicated controller for Softube plug-ins its designed to give you the functionality of a physical mixing desk but without the desk. Giving you a single mixer channel control of Gate ad Transient Shaping, EQ, Compression and Saturation. Drop the plug-in across all your DAW channels and you'll have hands on control of all of that. 

It comes with the SSL 4000 E channel strip but with over 70 Console 1 ready plug-ins from Softube and Universal Audio. What this means is that you can swap out individual sections (EQ/ Dynamics) to create customized channel strips - all with hardware control.

Just released is the American Class A channel - which as far as we can tell is based on API console sections for a specific flavour of EQ, drive and dynamics.

Console 1 can also be used to control Universal Audio's Apollo Central, allowing more mouse free mix processing.

We spoke to Softube's George Reece.

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