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US 4-channel device that turns a smartphone into a DAW to ship July 2018      27/06/18

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CEntrance has announced today that its new MixerFace R4 - Mobile Recording Interface for songwriters, podcasters and video bloggers, as previewed at NAMM in our video at the top of the page, is now in production and expected to ship in July 2018. They say that the handheld 4-channel device turns a smartphone into a DAW, making it quick and easy to capture musical ideas, remote interviews and field recordings—using the smart phone or tablet as a recording medium. Here's more details in the company's own words...

The built-in high-quality mic preamps feature true 48V phantom power, so users can choose their favorite microphone for recording. An internal, long-lasting rechargeable battery sets MixerFace R4 apart from other portable interfaces and makes it the ideal companion for the road—use it for recording, broadcasting, as well as live streaming from location. Yet MixerFace R4 also features studio monitor outputs so it can double up as a recording interface in a project studio.

CEntrance is a leading manufacturer of high-quality recording and Hi-Fi products. MixerFace R4 builds on the legacy of our MicPort Pro and takes the company's recording product line to a new level of portability and power. MixerFace R4 is compatible with most smart phones, tablets and laptops, including Android and Apple iOS, macOS and Windows-based machines. About the footprint of a smart phone, the four-input mobile recording interface is designed to easily make recordings and share digital projects online, all while delivering professional results.

"MixerFace R4 represents a sea change in the recording process," explained Michael Goodman, CEntrance CEO. "Now multi-track recording and editing can be done on a phone or a tablet, so you can work from anywhere. Our new mic pres are great for instruments and vocals, and the Hi-Z inputs allow you to directly record electric guitar and bass.  Now it's super easy to send in your voiceovers, vocal and instrument overdubs from the road, using just a phone."

MixerFace R4 is designed for a wide range of users, from songwriters capturing inspiration anywhere-at home, on the tour bus, in a hotel room, or live on stage, to audio-for-video capture, field recording, concert taping, DSLR video, and more. MixerFace R4 connects a world of sounds to the digital ecosystem and makes it easy to share your work online.

MixerFace R4 features:
•  Record to Android, Apple iOS, macOS and Windows. Compatible with most phones, tablets and laptops

•  Dual Jasmine Mic Preamps™ with true 48V phantom power

•  Neutrik™ combo XLR jacks for Mic, Line or Instrument sources

•  Hi-Z inputs for electric guitar or bass; High Pass Filters to cut wind noise

•  Adjustable Zero Latency Monitor control for dialing in the perfect mix

•  AUX input to add in a stereo source for practice or performance

•  AmpExtreme™ Headphone amp for extra loudness and clarity

•  Balanced and un-balanced outputs for flexible speaker monitoring

•  High-Capacity Li-Po battery for longer sessions without recharge

Pricing and Availability:

MixerFace R4 is set to ship in July 2018, with a US MSRP of $349.99.

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