Superbooth 2023: CEntrance - English Channel

US Modular, portable channel strip      12/05/23

We spoke to Michael Goodman from CEntrance about the recently released English Channel units, starting with SoapBox which combines a mic preamp, gate, compressor and de-esser in a portable unit. Michael demonstrated how the SoapBox gate removes background noise, the compressor stabilizes the voice and the de-esser filters out high frequencies. The next piece of gear in the English Channel is the Black Cab, a three-band parametric equalizer with air control and low-cut features that allows users to condition their sound for specific environments. Finally, MixerFace, a streaming interface with a built-in mixer that accepts USB inputs and can be connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop, powers the entire system with one USB cable that can be connected to a power bank. The device also allows the addition of background music, and the possibility to add a guest to the mix. To find out about the other units in the English Channel range, check out the CEntrance website.

SoapBox Price: 699,99 USD

BlackCab Price: 599,99 USD

MixerFace Price: 449 USD

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